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PJM Interconnection's tools are a group of sophisticated Internet-based software applications that allow members to transact much of their business online. Using PJM's tools gives members real-time data about the electric system. They can buy and sell power, arrange transmission service, schedule contract purchases, carry out business strategies and make critical business decisions.

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If you have any questions, please call the Member Relations Hotline at 610-666-8980 or 866-400-8980.

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Tool Documentation

PJM offers information about its tools, including user guides, manuals and frequently asked questions (FAQ). Each tool's page has links to detailed information about that tool.

This is the training website.
New Users Registration

Startup form for first-time Tools Participant Company (primary account) - use "Account Manager Form A" Participant Authorization Form (Required Once)

Startup form for Non-Participant Company seeking access to Bulletin Board - use "Account Manager Form A-1" Bulletin Board Authorization Form (Required Once)

Startup and subsequent changes to designation of Account Manager and additional tools access - use "Account Manager Form B" Account Manager Designation Form (Required For Each Request)